Monday, March 8, 2010

Minyak Angin Serai Wangi

Hi..I'm 22 years old and as student at UiTM Shah Alam.Firstly,i do not want or anyone call me salesgirl.This is because i just want to share something with everyone about one product.What i called that is Minyak Angin Serai Wangi.Nowadays ,traditional treatment like rexfixologi,is will more popular not just for adults but to teenagers also.Many medicine or treatment center have this service.This is also not wrong in Islam,so that as a Muslims,i pursuit you all to try and feel this treatment.About Minyak Angin Serai Wangi.Serai wangi is from herb plants species.About many years,this plant using in the treatment in massages.Talk about my product,i want to share something.This product safety to using for anyone.Talk about the physical thing,the smell is so cool but not hot,so that children suitable to using,parents will not worry about their child.On the other hand it is packaging in the glasses bottle.hard and small,so that,easy to bring go everywhere like go to camping in the jungle,it is so important as a first treatment before the patient will go to the hospital.For teenagers like student,their will be tired and need more rest after study or activity.Adults also need all this,so that this is a good way to have Minyak Angin Serai Wangi in house.This product not just can apply for massage only,but also using in aromatherapy.It is so relaxing if you smell it.just only RM10,everyone can have it.It is have many advantages,for pain.not just like another oil product,that is not have a good smell,and just have a basic using ,only for massages.So that's,how about we do 'one house one Minyak Angin Serai Wangi'.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Assalamualaikum.When Hussin bin Denan married with beautiful woman,Haliza binti Hj.Ismail,after 9 years,im born on 22/8/1988.Im Nurul Hidayah binti Hussin from Kluang Johor but my staying at Kulaijaya Johor.This is all about my dad.Im number 4 from 8sibling.My first school is Tadika Kemas Tmn Kluang Barat at Johor.Sek.Keb.Sri Intan and after that is Sek.Men.Keb.Tmn.Kluang barat as a strict prefect(so funny)..I have a secret,i like ride motorcycle,fast and faster.But i do not have a license,hehe..actually i have enzyma,like skin problem,beacuse im mix java,belanda from my dad malay and chinese from my mum.So that, everytime i must take it my medicine.Sometimes its smell,im feel so shy,but this is my fated.My friends can understand,thank you guys! love you all.Just accepted.At 22year now,i think old to continue my study,but i do not what just have the STPM.Degree for my family is my aim,and more,i hope.Before i apply uitm Disember intake,i already got offer from UKM and UPSI,in educational course,but i late take the im a UiTM student.Im not a perfect human,im sensitive,happy go lucky,n cute,(sorry im not sure about that,maybe just gossip).Everyone can share your problem,maybe i can not settle it,but i can be a good listener.Until now,im stil miss my family,my mum and my sisters.I hope you all can hear my problem too..she is twins,how about her homework,i do not know beacuse before i came here,their study with me.But i know,my dad can handle all of this matter.Im alone study here,having friends and lecturers Miss.Mimi..only,so i must be strong.i can do it!God blessing me.


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assalamualaikum..and butterfly in stomach,(isn't true my word? sorry madam jasbir,i forgot,)..i so afraid because my blog cannot open..sad,and i want to cry,but i know,this,i want sharing a good news,my blog exist! thank God. i'm so excited to do my assignment..miss mimi, i will do my best!whatever is my title because,anything comment you all can post to me..personal or not we can that,start now,enjoying my blog.